Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What Can WE Do To Make This Better?

Baby steps. From Dave Ramsey to setting goals, we mention "baby steps" all the time. That's back where I find myself today, at the beginning, again.

RaeAnn, Garrett's developmental therapist AND personal care services provider, called today with a good strategy. Since Garrett's behaviors seem to increase one hundred fold when she arrives, she thought about the situation and called with this idea. What if she came to my house today and rode with me to pick Garrett up from school, see his class, and bring Sammy along? She theorized if we did it this way instead of me picking her up after I got Garrett, it might go better. It worked! No, the afternoon wasn't void of him trying to run away from the car into the parking lot, mentioning that he said the "S" or "H" words or saying over and over and over "I touched RaeAnn's boob" and actually trying a few times. And yes, he had to leave the indoor trampoline park early for these exact behaviors, but it was a better day.

Have any of you ever seen an angel? I mean a REAL angel, live, in person??? I have, and it is RaeAnn. This lady is the REAL DEAL!!!!! She has shed tears with me this past weekend trying to crack the code to what's got Garrett out of whack....even to the point, in tears, of APOLOGIZING that if she is the reason for the downward slipping mental stuff, she understands if we don't want her here. OH MY GOSH, that was a difficult moment. She followed that with drying the tears enough to say she didn't EVER WANT TO LEAVE US and would NEVER give up on Garrett. My heart broke for this angel God shares with our family. We love her!!!! She is one of the absolute best things to ever happen to Garrett, and to me.

Today Garrett played on his iTouch lots in the car, watching a movie and playing a train game. It was a different deal than the past two days where the car rides were terror. We got his mental meds filled today, and I am so excited to talk to neurology Thursday about scheduling an EEG and then Monday seeing developmental pediatrics to discuss all sorts of things.

In all of this, I know God will never leave our sides. I know His plans for Garrett are for good. And we are blessed.


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