Thursday, November 29, 2012

Garrett's Letter to Santa

We have had to get super-creative with Mr. Garrett when it comes to his developmental therapist and me working on his handwriting, so it has come to letter writing. He loves getting letters suddenly, so we decided to go from "homework" to "writing letter to people" so he can get more mail!!! So tonight his developmental therapist, AND ANGEL, RaeAnn, heard Macy's is doing a Make-A-Wish fundraiser. It works like this: Each letter to Santa that kiddos drop off at Macy's generates a dollar Macy's will give to Make-A-Wish!!!! So the girls wrote theirs, and RaeAnn asked Garrett what he wanted to say in his. He told her, so she wrote it word for word on a piece of lined paper to let him copy. And here is GARRETT's first-ever letter to Santa. I am so excited and so proud. It took some encouraging as he didn't want to do it at first, second.....or 56th, but he did it!!!

My boy amazes me sometimes! Off Garrett and RaeAnn went to Macy's to HAND DELIVER the letter TONIGHT, then go to his favorite indoor playground and McDonalds. It feels so much like Christmas around here!!!


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