Thursday, November 29, 2012

Two Little GirlsTurning Great Big Sisters


That's what Addie and Ainslee have become. They are almost 12 and 10, and they have dealt with more insanity, exhaustion, hectic shuffle and noise than most kiddos. They have endured literally hundreds of waiting room waits for therapy, appointments and surgeries for their brother. Yes, they have gone over 2 years without seeing a dentist because we couldn't fit it in. They have had to sneak things into the car, sit together in another row from their brother, thus far from Mom and Dad, and often not been able to speak in the car due to Garrett's terrible car riding issues. They have had more things broken than even most Godzilla-phaze little brothers can even imagine breaking. They have had patience with a mom who is a grumpy bundle of exhaustion at bedtime many, many nights. They have watched Dad deal with onlookers in public who decided to throw insults at us about Garrett's behavior, and due to their dad's immense patience and class, they have yet to see him retaliate with anything but peace, AND they have yet to see hum carted off to jail for punching these grumps in the face!!!! Addie and Ainslee have not had as many people over to play due to the simple fact that the more folks here, the more chaos, noise, and destruction. The girls have been through so much with this little child we had third, but in it, their lives are changed, and it hasn't all been bad!!!

Recently, after we stopped watching t.v. except for planned Christmas shows or movies we buy or rent as a family, and we slowed our pace to focus more on the humans in our home and not the world around us, we noticed things changing. No, Garrett wasn't having a spurt of positive attitude, but the girls were choosing to jump in more to be a part of his world. Ainslee started changing poop diapers, and NO, I would NEVER ask ANYONE to change one of those (Except Aunt Becca, of course!)!!! Addie started letting him do her ballet stretches with her in the living room. Addie started dancing to the music he jumps around to on his CD player. They both rush to comfort him and love on him more when he falls or gets hurt. Ainslee started wanting to sit by him in the car and let him play with whatever she brought along for the ride. And then two days ago, Ainslee was up with him playing, even letting him play Barbies with her, and that's a huge deal for her!! Last night, RaeAnn, Garrett's developmental therapist and Personal Care professional, was here. Garrett wasn't wanting to do his "work" he has to do with her, and Ainslee bribed him with playing. So he did his work and they disappeared upstairs for over a half-hour doing constructive play with babydolls. It was wonderful!! And I actually believe Ainslee was having fun, not just tolerating her loud brother. 

Of course time is flying, bodies are changing, and I am watching my two little girls become young ladies right before my eyes, but the most wonderful thing is seeing them grow into the BIG people God made them to be. I have no doubt that they will use their past experiences with their little brother to change the world around them. Maybe it will be for another family somehow as a caregiver or volunteer, maybe one of them will have a special needs child, or maybe it will simply be that they won't stare when they see someone who is different, but they will walk right over, meet that person, and TALK to them, be a friend, and love people just as they are.

I just had to share how proud I am of my girls!!! God is at work!!!


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  1. Princess Diana once said, "The World is starved for love." NOT FOR LONG!!! Nina