Wednesday, November 21, 2012

EEG, Check!

Yesterday morning we went to the hospital for Garrett's 24 hour EEG to look for seizure activity. And while we do not have results yet, the neuro who came by looked at one spell he had that I saw, and the EEG activity looked normal.....YAY!! We will get the CD of the test next week in time to take to Seattle to see Dr. S. The testing started officially at 10 a.m., and we were so blessed to have several sweet friends drop by AND Grouchy, Addie and Ainslee. 

Garrett has a girl, a friend, a girlfriend, a friend-girl....her name is Ashley. She is precious, and like Garrett, she is a PIRATE!! In fact, when her mom, my sweet friend, Amber, told Ashley they were going to visit Garrett, she put on her pirate outfit and even had her mom go buy matching pirate hats for Garrett and her!!! Here, they both stop for a millisecond (THIS IS VERY VERY VERY RARE!!!) for a photo. 

This next photo breaks my heart in a wonderful way! Garrett had a tech come in to add more adhesive to two leads, and Garrett HATES this whole process! In fact, to get him hooked up, he had to be body-wrapped in a sheet and held down....not good. Ashley holds Garrett's hand while he is scared to death:

Want to see something really neat? Right outside Garrett's hospital room is this piece of adorable art......what are the odds?

Garrett was getting a little tired and crabby, so he didn't want the girls "CLOSE TO ME," but I had to snap a photo either way. At least the girls were being sweet for the picture. I guess two out of three isn't a loss! These two girls have grown into such patient, loving sisters to a brother that can make you want to scream very frequently. It is interesting to see how they are better coping with Garrett's quirks, short fuse, oddities and noise. I am so proud of them both. This photo speaks volumes to me. Here Garrett has just screamed for them not to get close to him and spaced our on a Star Wars movie, yet the girls keep it together, smile their lovely smiles, and let weird Mom have her way.

And not at all least, finally, here is the toy that helped Garrett make it through.....Floppy Woody....and yes, there is a terrific story behind the name, but I have another post brewing that I want to complete tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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