Thursday, February 16, 2012

Upcoming Trip to Seattle Childrens

I finally made reservations for air, rental car and hotel for the upcoming visit to Seattle Childrens for our first appointment to see Dr. Saneto. While there, he has Garrett getting a sedated MRI as well. We arrive Sunday the 4th of March and leave Tuesday, March 6. If any of you northwest Mito moms or families want to get together, let me know here in the comments. My sweet friend Heidi has volunteered to come meet me for Garrett's Monday morning appointment with Dr. Saneto so Garrett will be entertained while I talk with and listen to his impressions about Garrett and his plans for Garrett's care. He already has all of the records he needs, so I think we are ready to go!!!

One of our personal care workers stopped showing up, but then the agency sent a wonderful lady about the age of my parents. She has more energy than I have!!!! She is so amazing and energetic with Garrett. I think it helps she has worked with all age ranges and has an autistic grandchild, so she "gets" it.

This weekend, Grouchy's sister Elizabeth comes out for her first Idaho visit and brings her two kiddos. One is a year younger than Garrett and the other is a sweet girl Ainslee's age. They will all be a mess together just like they are when we visit Louisiana!! We have been counting down the days for about, oh, two months!!!! The bunkhouse is all ready, and we have reservations for a sleigh ride, tubing, a hot spring, and tons of other things the kiddos have planned!!! It's Mardi Gras week in Louisiana, so they get the week out of school, and we will enjoy their vacation too!! AAAAHHHHH.......the beauty of home schooling!!

Not much more to report besides Addie's show rabbit arriving soon. She is slightly excited......understatement of the YEAR!!!!

Blessings to each of you and yours and thanks again to those of you who purchased bracelets!! Still stringing beads to fill an order of 25 for one person and 45 for another!! I have to get on the ball and pull a late-nighter it seems!!!


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  1. Good luck with your trip and appointments this week!