Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Mito Allowed!!!

No Mito Allowed!!!

I love pictures, especially ones I take!! Of people I love!! And of things I like!!!
The theme of this entry is NO MITO ALLOWED!!! And I mean just that.
These are photos of our beautiful, perfect Garrett during moments Mito cannot taint, shadow, or ruin. It's the raw footage of the fun stuff. Playing outdoors in the water, goofing off when he should be napping, and enjoying the affection and huge heart of his big sisters Addie and Ainslee. I try to hard to photograph these times because they are, of course, the way I wish things could always be. No frustrating behavior, lack of communication, frustration, tiredness, constipation and tummy trouble, worries about the future or how we will survive the day!! While Mito affects our family and occupies our thoughts many times daily, there are just some things it cannot touch!! So today, as we are in the middle of Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week, if you or your loved one(s) are affected by Mito, then try to focus on the things, even if they are the tiniest moments, that take your breath away about your child. What can Mito not take? Can we just for a moment give Mito the finger and smile, celebrate, and laugh in its face. We all need to!!



  1. Just precious! I hope you are doing well. Love you, friend! Jeannie

  2. Really good point...

    I will admit, it's hard for are so blessed to get these moments, even if it's for a moment, you see your boy apart from the disease that invades from within.
    I think the tiniest moment is when I hold hudson and talk to him, and I feel in my heart he knows my touch, my voice....he can't tell me, but I feel it in his body and see it in his eyes. I don't want him to be defined by mito but he is saturated by this disease, as he is so extremely affected.

    Your pics are darling btw!

    Hugs to you and your beatiful family!

  3. Beautiful photos! They made me cry--I know how very precious they are.
    Much love to you my dear friend,

  4. Beautiful photos! Garrett is such a handsome guy!