Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Parents Are Leaving Wednesday....sob, sob, sob, sob!!!!

We have all heard the old statement "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone." Well, all summer I have proven that incorrectly as I have LOVED having my mom and dad here since June first to help us and spend time with us. They live on a beautiful mountain in Alabama right on the top of the mountain surrounded by their very private 50 acres of forest land. Their driveway is about three quarters of a mile up the mountain, and let me just say it is an oasis and was a marvelous place to grow up!!! When we searched for homes in Idaho, one of the criteria we found that we could afford in the low market was a nice home WITH a guest house, not just a basement with a spare area or a room over the garage or an extra, spacious guest bedroom, but a real extra house. And we got it! My parents stopped everything else in their lives, and let me say there are many things they stopped seeing how post-retirement has kept them both pretty busy, and moved out here for the entire summer!! It has been wonderful. I have gotten to enjoy my two precious daughters one on one and together with Grouchy when he is home. I have been able to let Garrett trot over to "their house" and hang out while I did school with the girls. Grouchy and I have been able to take the girls places like the Working Ranch Horse orientation and then even eat lunch out without the ticking of the babysitting clock in our heads. Then there are times like tonight when there are community events we would probably not have even tried to attend without them here. Don't get me wrong. We have MARVELOUS babysitters here, and we do use them, but we have had the freedom to change plans and not have to spend money so much on sitters. It has been so, so, so nice!!! So I dread losing this help!! But there's more.....

I have never felt like I "needed" my mom and dad in my backyard, but I have enjoyed getting to spend some nice time with them. Granted it was usually chat over changing a horrible diaper or speaking loudly over Garrett's loud voice that has to get louder when others try to converse, but there have been such great moments like taking Ainslee and my dad rock hounding looking for opals and agate and such. Or taking my mom rafting, sitting outside a few nights chatting until way too late, or just seeing my mom or day walk the path to our house. I will miss so much. My favorite is seeing my dad out feeding cows and horses early in the morning. He loves to do that, and we have appreciated it. Gosh, I appreciate every ounce of time and energy they have given to use this summer.....and my whole life!!!

We have had freedom like we have not had since Garrett was a little baby in a car carrier thing!!! I honestly cannot thank them enough, and I am not sure I will survive their departure Wednesday!!

This summer I feel I have reconnected with my daughters. Sure, I have spent less time with Garrett, but less than 100% of my time with Garrett is less!! I have played some board games with Addie and Ainslee, ridden horses with them, cooked with them, dashed off to yard sales at the last minute, helped them pick out church outfits, gone to a couple movies, even a drive-in. And all of this is because we had the daily help my parents so selflessly gave.

And to top that off, I believe Grouchy leaves the same day as my parents. Bum!!!

So until June 1 of next year, we have this deal to manage. We have local help through Medicaid, great sitters and all, but wow, will there be a vacuum around here besides the really amazing Dyson my mom bought for the guest house!!! Garrett will be running over to "their house" for days after they leave looking for Nina and Papa. And I know I will cry huge tears every time. Grouchy even said, "Gosh, never thought a man would ever say he was dreading seeing his in-laws leave!" And he means it. My parents are as cool as they come and have been such a blessing to have here this summer.

My prayer tonight is that we transition into life without their daily help in a smooth way and that I keep my patience with Garrett and lower my expectations of accomplishing anything extra in the day back down to zero. I also pray my parents have a safe, enjoyable trip back to Alabama and then get really, really sick that they left Idaho and rush back...HA!!!


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