Monday, September 19, 2011

My Daddy Rocks!!!!


You just never know what might be going on outdoors around out house on any given day. These are some of the most wonderful times.....these are some of my favorites!! In the past I cringed when I saw the fun and felt like I was running a race to go get the camera in time. But now I usually laugh so hard on the way to the camera that I have trouble running!! Yesterday was one of those times. This second photo is one of the many I took as Grouchy took Garrett around and around our horse grazing pasture as the sprinklers (Irripods) were running. Garrett was all smiles and laughs and occasional blood-curling screams of terror as the water shot him in the face!!!
The last shot is of one of Garrett's first driving lessons on a real tractor. A few moments later, I looked out to see him driving all by himself with Grouchy walking alongside!!
And the first, a flashback to winter last year when the snow was on the ground. It didn't take but a dusting of snow for Grouchy to hook up the sled behind the four-wheeler and have redneck sledding at its best!
And what do these things all have in common??? Grouchy! My husband is the most amazing man. He is my best friend, a Christian mentor and leader in our home, an incredible dad, father, and daddy. I am so thankful!!!!

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