Thursday, September 29, 2011

Meet the Parents

Have I mentioned that I have the most amazing parents EVER???? Well, I do!!
So this is a quick post to introduce them to you more formally.

Meet Stanley and Diana. Both are Alabama natives and Christian Americans. Both spent over 25 years in the public education system, my Dad, better known as Dr. Horn, taught gradeschool and college, drove a bus and coached. But his last 15 years or so in the education system he served his county as assistant school superintendent and then superintendent. Mom, with a masters degree in learning disabilities, taught special education kiddos K-12 in public schools. They are both retired but much busier than they could have imagined!! Mom loves to volunteer her time working at an animal shelter near their home, running, and is still involved with a local civic organization. Dad enjoys hunting and walking through the woods spotting wildlife on the preserve-type setting they own on a mountain. And he has a few good friends who enjoy a weekly gathering at Mom and Dad's house to plan the next deer hunt and plan their Western travels. I am sure they are also working on a plan to salvage the nation's economy, but they may have put that off for the summer!!! He also enjoys collecting, buying and selling antique fishing lures, reels, decoys and traps. But for the past four months, they put everything aside and catered to our Garrett and our family and lived in our guest house, or as Mom calls it, the bunkhouse. We hope they had some fun on our few adventures rafting, digging for opals in the desert, and their two trips to Stanley, Idaho, to get some away time and explore.

Have I mentioned how lonely it felt to look back at the dark, empty guest house last night????
I digress....

Meet "Nina" and "Pop". Here they pose at Silver City, Idaho, in front of the ghost town's graveyard. Not romantic, but pretty background of mountains!!
Pop and Garrett are all shined up for church one Sunday.
I think Garrett may have made this photo of my mom. Isn't she adorable with the necklace Garrett made at school!!!

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  1. Clara-Leigh, they are adorable, but all I can think about is the story you told me in the hotel room in Chicago. I am still laughing. :-D Love you, friend! Have a blessed day!