Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mito Awareness Week Coming Up!!

The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation is putting together materials for families and friends to use during Mito Awareness Week September 18-24. Go to their website to order free materials to use to help spread awareness during that week or just anytime:

Meanwhile, we started school today!!! One day down....lots to go!! AND the really cool news is that we bought a Mac computer for our homeschool!! It is so pretty and new and SIMPLE!! I love simple these days!! I set it up tonight but cannot play yet because it needs to load updates. Since we live in a very rural area (LOVE THAT!!!!), our internet connection is a bit slow, so I had to walk away and let it all download overnight. How hard for me!!!!!This year we are using Sonlight and Math U See. Addie is in 5th grade, and Ainslee is in 4th. We plan to dive into Rosetta Stone Spanish this year....bought it last year but our home computer crashed!!! The girls will also be using a CD-ROM of World Book Encyclopedia as they will be doing lots of research through that medium this year as we dive into school!! Now they will have a nice, simple, fantastic computer to use for school and for the fun free time they earn.

Grouchy returns to Louisiana without us tomorrow to finish the early soybean harvest. He will be back in about a week and then have to go back one more time this year for the later beans to be harvested. We are sad when he leaves us, but we know we are doing our best as a family to build a business with a future. Have to pray it all works out, and we have pride in what we are doing. He cut our hay here in Idaho yesterday, and a neighbor will rake and bale later this week. We think this third hay cutting is the best yet. Should be after all the irrigating my dad helped us with this summer!! We are starting to get the hang of this irrigation thing. It is lots of work!!!

The photo I posted is a tidbit Aunt Becca made of Garrett!! We plan to help Grouchy's mom make a card with this photo to put with the bracelets she is selling to raise money for Mito research. She is quite the saleswoman, and several of the ladies in our family are making more to sell. THANK YOU!!!

And GREAT news for the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. The 2011 MDA telethon INCREASED in money raised by about 3 million dollars this year in only a 6 hour telethon!!!!! I am so excited to see the numbers begin to come back up since the recession started!!!! A HUGE THANK YOU to any of you who gave via phone or online or contributed to MDA in any way in the past years. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prayers for the Mito kiddos inpatient tonight and especially those kiddos starting the new experimental drug. The future will be bright. We just have to give, pray, encourage and wait!!!



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