Friday, July 1, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Busy. There, that's the short of it!
Since returning from Chicago for the Mito Symposium, I have been to the mountains in central Idaho with Ainslee and our two horses for 4-H horse camp....DREAMY!!! Well, except our new horse (the one I bought for Addie to hopefully grow comfortable enough to ride again someday) is not totally cool. Actually, I am hoping to return him...not cool. He is not a settled horse and was not fun to ride OR fall off of...long story!! However, Ainslee's horse Ernie was a SAINT!!!
My parents were complete saints to keep Garrett while we were at camp and keep the kiddos while I was in Chicago. Mom and Dad took a much-deserved break for the past three days and two nights to travel up to Stanley, Idaho, to the Sawtooth mountains, to explore. They came home saying it was the most beautiful place they have seen in the continental USA. Wow, and we go there next week. Which brings me to tomorrow!!
Tomorrow, Grouchy's youngest sister, Rebecca, and her husband and kiddos come for a week!!! We are so excited that no one want to go to sleep around here except Grouchy!!!! Rebecca and family will be here with us at the guest house until Tuesday when Grouchy, Addie, Ainslee and I load up in a caravan with them to go to Stanley, Idaho, to rent a house for two nights and enjoy some whitewater rafting, hiking, and amazing scenery!!! I am so excited!!! Today, Addie and Grouchy went to town to get ingredients for s'mores and meat to grill. The weather has been perfect for evening cooking out. Yum!!

As for the kiddos, Garrett is still doign weekly OT, and Addie is doing some private PT for her arm she broke a year and a half ago. She has decided she wants to stop gymnastics and do jazz dancing. I think that's a great fix for her!!! Ainslee's gymnastics coach has left the city program and will be starting at her coach's new, private gym soon. Addie is still scared to ride the horses, even Ernie, but she says she still wants to work the horses on the ground and train the young horses we just bought. SO we will see how that goes. I am happy she hasn't given up on a hobby in which she is SOOOO talented, but I am also enjoying her becoming her own little lady. So beautiful!!

SO there's the update for now. Nothing exciting going on from the medical area except Garrett is way constipated and I cannot get him regulated. Also, he got approved for the Medicaid Katie Beckett program, so that will helpful, hopefully!! And then today I scheduled Addie to see Dr. Koenig in Houston in September and see the cardiologist, pulmonologist, have a sleep study and have blood work and genetics testing. Should be a fun trip, especially if just Addie and I fly to Houston.

Goodnight sweet blog followers!!!
I promise more photos to come soon!!!!!

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