Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Your nakes is SO BIG!!"

A few nights ago while Garrett was in our bath tub, Grouchy walked in, planning to get into the shower. He changed his mind upon seeing Garrett in our big tub all alone and decided to join him. As Grouchy was taking off his clothes to get into the tub, Garrett looks up at his daddy and says, "Wow, Dad, your naked is SO BIG!!!!"

Needless to say, we got a huge laugh out of the whole ordeal!!!! Garrett never ceases to surprise us, and lately it has been in new, more positive ways.

Aunt Becca (Grouchy's youngest sister), Uncle Lee, Sophia and Louis arrived today, and we enjoyed an evening of cooking out, moving irrigation pipes and just letting the kiddos chill. Grouchy bought them a slip and slide, but it is a little rocky in the yard for that!!!

Tomorrow will be a hike and picnic at the local canyon and waterfall. My parents offered to keep Garrett here so we can have more freedom, and I cannot thank them enough.

Oh, a couple weeks ago while completely giddy over the fast my parents are here all summer, I told Garrett we would take the wheels off of their car so they cannot leave. Garrett laughed and laughed and laughed, then he began to obsess over that and got all upset at me saying we should not take their wheels off. I think he realized that those wheels are his ticket to numerous trips to play at the McDonalds playland and drink lots of vanilla milkshakes!!!! The kid has some smarts in that noggin of his!!

Please say a special prayer for those families seeking a correct diagnosis for their health issues whether mito related or not. It is just so hard for so many.


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  1. That is SO funny!

    Glad things are looking up a bit and that you guys are busy having some fun times! KayTar takes things literally sometimes, too, and she used to worry like that when she was we taught her that it was "just a figure of speech" and now when she starts getting bothered by something like that, she'll say, " that just a figure of speech?!"