Friday, April 1, 2011

Beautiful Spring Afternoon

Ainslee and Garrett were playing horse and cowgirl in the round pen. Priceless!
And then my sweet Addie came out and let me shoot her!! Pretty!! With her Lucy looking over her shoulder!

And Garrett says,"I am a farmer. I need a hat. I go get one, Mom!" And I think he is more of a rancher in the hat than a farmer!!! Cute either way!!
And then the three took off around the house together. So much fun. It was 70 degrees!! Warmest day yet, but the ski slopes are still open!!!

Big news of the day is that my Grouchy is home from his two weeks of work in Alaska!!!!

Next news is that Addie competes in the district 4H horse demonstration (public speaking) contest tomorrow....thank GOODNESS Grouchy is home!! They were practicing tonight, and I think Addie is ready!!!

Next very exciting news is that two of my closest girlfriends will be arriving Wednesday and Thursday from Louisiana and staying until early Monday morning. We plan to hang out at the guest house, go ski, maybe get a hotel for one night just for total girl night. Wow, cannot believe they can BOTH make it and it is all coming together!!

Good night. New mattress!! GREAT sleep ahead!! Godspeed,



  1. Adorable photos! Have a great time with your friends.

    When I was a kid, my dad worked 2 on/2 off in Alaska. I was born there!

  2. (((BIG HUGS))) not for this post really but the last couple anyway! whew. Im so glad your firends are coming for a visit, HOW FUN! You really need this girlfriend! Have a great time, relax and recharge! xoxoxox
    Heidi & Jack.