Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Meet Rebecca and Jolie!

We had so much fun while my girlfriends were here!!! I want to share a few photos so you can meet my adventure racing team.....well, more like not so much racing these days, but wow do we have history!!!!!! I will post ski photos later today or tomorrow, I hope!!! I do have to add some sentimental touches here. I want these two gals to know how much fun I had last weekend. It was dreamy just to have them in my state, honestly!! Skiing was fabulous, meals out were fun, and shopping was, well, rather thrifty!! I love these ladies. I cannot imagine living here without them in my life. They have been with me in some of the highest and through the absolute depths......and still we do not have to talk often or long to keep this bond. God gave us to each other for friendship only He could have planned, and I am so very, very thankful for each long talk, short hello, text message with weird auto corrections, dinner out, sweet card or gift, run short or long, emotional emergency, fun memory, parenting dilemma, piece of hair advice, workout tip, crying shoulder, and GIRLFRIEND 911. I love you girls!!! You both ROCK!!! Jolie is on the left and Rebecca is on the right at Jump Creek. Meant to put a shot of the three of us, but again, computer slow!!! And I am in the middle of home school lessons with the girls...sorry!
And here is Jolie looking all serious....I meant to put a smiling shot, but my computer is slow, so when I get any image loaded, it is just shy of a miracle!!

And Rebecca.....aren't these girls way too cute!! We had fun doing a little photo shoot in the front yard and another with the horses!!

Can't be serious too long with this crew!! Here I save Jolie from diving into a 6 inch deep stream. Whew!! Close call!!

I don't like wine. Jolie and Rebecca do, but Rebecca gave it up for Lent, so before she flew in, Jolie and I visited a local winery. It is so gorgeous up there on the side of a hill looking over the Treasure Valley. She did a wine tasting and we saw the grounds. They host weddings and receptions there and it is perfectly magical in sight!!!!! Cheers!!!

I pray each person has friends like mine......just one would be I am spoiled rotten, but I am blessed with wonderful friends, and I will never lose my thankfulness for all my friends mean to me!!!




  1. I am so glad you had fun with your friends. There is nothing in the world like spending time with 'soul-sisters'. I don't think I really appreciated mine until I moved, but oh, how I love them!! A friend that you never have to "catch up" with is a treasure!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered! I, too, am blessed with good friends. Last weekend we went out to the boardwalk for dinner, drinks, and roller coasters...and today one came over, brought lunch, and just hung out with me and KayTar since she's sort of running at half-speed right now.