Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dumb Box Detox

Our children and their adults (point finger at me here!) have become what I call Dumb Box Junkies. Dumb Box is any electronic device with a screen: computer, video game, hand held video game, computer, etc. And this has not been good. Let me share background.

Grouchy and I have always dreamed of raising our family and growing old as a couple on a HUGE ranch/farm somewhere in the USA. Miles and miles from anyone else. Grocery run would be weekly and church would be our "socialization." No television, and lots of time outdoors and working with our hands in the workshop to build things. Reading books at night and going to bed when the sun sets and getting up when it rises (uuuugggghhh, I admit I don't like that sunrise part!!). But it hasn't turned out that way.....yet.....and mostly for medical safety reasons for Garrett, but I digress. Anyhoo, we have allowed our children to have all these things we didn't want for any of us, and it hasn't all been bad. But then lately I have noticed my kiddos rush from one Dumb Box to another, not heeding my reminders to pick up their things, clean their stuff out of the car, stop and pick up toys on the floor when they walk past or over them. And it hit me........GENIUS MOM, the crap they are focused on is blowing them away!!! Not Garrett so much as the electronics are welcomed distractions that give the rest of peace, but my sweet, smart, intelligent, very social girls have fallen prey to the Dumb Box.

SO we are now in detox mode. No television except two hours per week TOGETHER as a family. No computer, Wii, DSi. I know, mean me, but seriously, my girls don't know where we are when we are driving because they are focused on electronics!!! SCARY!!!

So wish us luck. Meanwhile, I now have a personal limit of 15 minutes per day on my little computer. So blogs will be short and sweet as much as possible and I am reading the newspaper and getting to some very meaningful and some wonderfully entertaining books that have been piling up on my bedside table!!!

This Thursday Grouchy and I have our two hour appointment with the neuro-psychologist to get the final results and recommendations for the 4-6 hours of time she spent testing and evaluating Garrett. This information will be vital in getting the school system to know him and get him what he needs. Meanwhile I have contacted as well as the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation to get videos, letters, pamphlets and such to share with the elementary school it appears Garrett will be attending.

Still no big changed with Garrett on Vyvanse for ADHD, but today I bumped him up the first time. Still, very, very low dose, so maybe there will be some changes as the dose increased. PRAYING!!!!!

So goodnight Dumb Box. I enjoy you, but back to the life I planned to live...ha!!

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