Sunday, October 30, 2011

Small Victory = Huge Hope

Today Grouchy was out of town, we had church, a 4-H horse Halloween party (yes, took horses!!) and then reverse trick-or-treating with our church (consists of taking gift baskets to shut-ins and people near the church instead of going all over asking for candy) then home to feed animals then back to church to get the girls from the reverse trick-or-treating trip.

Schedule was so nuts today that I could not find a way to get Garrett to one of his sitters and have time to get horses loaded, family to church and then fed in time to do the hour drive to the 4-H party then back to the church again. So I canceled the sitter (Shelby, thank you for being on ready for me!! Love you!!!) and just took the whole crew.....including three horses and Garrett. We usually do not even attempt to take Garrett with us when we have the girls and horses since there are safety and sanity issues there.I was really dreading taking Garrett, but a part of me was excited to see if we could make this work. I left my horse on the trailer instead of riding and helping the leader since I had to be sure I was on the ground to keep my eyes on Garrett. That was actually great for my horse and Ainslee's horse Ernie since they seem to have separation issues!! Garrett sat on the toolbox of the truck and ate his picnic lunch with the girls and then stayed there for quite a while as I helped the girls get their horses saddled and all. Then there were lots and lots of trucks and trailers moving all about in close quarters, so he stayed in the back of the truck for a while so he would be safe. He finally got tired of being there, so I got him down. The home where we rode had a marvelous yard and some toys in the yard, so overall Garrett did pretty well. Some of the parents who were not helping with the horses and kiddos helped keep Garrett in view, and that was a huge help. I was a little frazzled worrying about keeping an eye on him as he is quiet and quick, but it really wasn't that bad!!!!

I feel like this is a little victory that gives me huge hope of a future where someday Garrett is a part of all of our family's activities. He did well in the truck since I let him have his Nintendo DSI. He pestered (Southern word!!) the girls some since they all three have to sit next to each other in our truck, but it wasn't overall bad. We even made it back to church on time!! Garrett and I took the horses home and did chores and then Shelby came to keep Garrett, get him bathed and put to bed, so I could go pick up Addie and Ainslee from church. Now I am in the bed watching television with my two little girls snuggled up next to me....just need Grouchy home!!!!

And yes, when Garrett would get frustrated or just at random times, he would tell me he loves me!! It is still happening, and the positive attention he is getting is really boosting his emotional bank account. It is just fabulous!!!

Please continue to pray for our friend Bert.



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  1. He was so much fun to entertain! We had the best time with him and I'd gladly pull him around in a wagon anyday! He made my parents day, they are still talking about him and how cute he is! He really is a true blessing, thanks for sharing him with us for a couple hours! Praying for nothing but God's best for you and your family!