Friday, October 28, 2011

He Still Loves Me!!!

No, not Grouchy, although somehow through all of our mess we have been through, he does!! Or at least he says he does lots and lots. We both love that country song where the male singer uses the line, "overuse I love you!" We try!!

No, Garrett is the one still telling me he loves me!!! My last post was about how he has replaced so many of his negative, repetitive phrases with "I love you!" And he is still doing it going on two weeks!! He even does it more now! He tells me in the morning, at night, at bedtime, whenever I do anything he asks me to do, when he is frustrated, hurt, tired and just out of the blue!! And while I have been typing this, he has come by and hugged me twice and told me he loves me!!!!!!!

I am just in awe and on my knees multiple times thanking God for this amazing change in my son!! It is so beautiful, and just when I was asking God to change ME to make ME more patient, He generously rocks my world by "fixing" one of the most frustrating things Garrett does! It feels like a miracle!!!

On an aside, I have been praying for so many people, situations and things in my life as well as the life of our family. And some really neat things are beginning to be revealed to me. I cannot say anything much about any of those things right now for many reasons, but let's just say that they are in a few different areas of our lives and they could be very exciting, helpful and motivating!!!!!

Please pray for a very dear friend of mine, Bert, from our church in Louisiana. His brain tumor has returned, and his spirit and closeness to Christ are EYE-WATERING. He is such a mentor to me as a Christian and parent, and he presses on, running the race, knowing this is just the warm-up and continues to encourage all of us!!


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  1. This warms my heart. I love it when something happens that can only be explained as "God". He is holding Garrett's precious little heart in His hands and molding it just the way He wants it. I will be praying for Bert. Sorry I missed your call...would love to catch up soon!
    Love you, sweet friends. Sending you a hug!! Love, Jeannie