Sunday, October 9, 2011


Addie and Ainslee had a very busy day and night. Last night, their friend Shelby and her mom, my friend, Jana, came over with their horse, Moonshine, to have a sleepover in our guest house. Ainslee and Shelby are both celebrating birthdays within a week of one another, and we partied!! The girls rode before dark, then they did crafts and played a tag game they made up in the dark outdoors using glow bracelets. Then they all fell asleep on the living room floor of the guest house. This morning, we got up and fed the animals, did chores, and headed to our second Working Ranch Horse clinic. I will have to take photos at the next one and blog about just that. Words certainly cannot touch the amazing experience for the girls and the horses and the kind, expert volunteers who make sixty-something horses and sixty-something riders all come together, under the age of 18, and do magic!! So I will hold that topic for later! When we came home from the clinic, everyone was excited and kind of punch-drunk!! We had birthday cake and ice cream for Shelby and then worked to get our round pen panels put back into place after Grouchy took the round pen apart to make the sand spread out better. Shelby and Jana left, and we all got cleaned up and ready for a relaxing evening at home. Next thing I know, Addie says, "Mom!!!! Mom!!!! We need to have a puppy modeling night!!!" And then the girls disappear and all I hear is puppies playing and lots of giggling!! Addie and Ainslee tracked down the American Girl doll clothes and dressed up along with the puppies!!! Needless to say, everyone will rest well tonight!! Enjoy these fun moments!!!

Meet Joy, the Sunday School teacher! Oops, forgot to censor her below the skirt parts!!

And here are Joy and Ainslee ready to hit the town shopping!!

Addie is carrying Eli in style on their way out for a movie!!

And it has been a very long, exhausting day of modeling and wardrobe.....



  1. Those are the cutest pups ever BUT that cross eyed lab is the funniest thing I've EVER seen!! You have the crew of animals.....!!

  2. Sorry I missed THAT fashion show! What entirely lucky pups. Good luck with the housebreaking. There's always the black garbage bag beneath the newspapers, compliments Buddy.