Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is It Coming Together?

No joke, this is an actual sign Grouchy took a photo of in Alaska on the north slope in the oil field camp......

Is it, maybe, coming together??

My brain, that is!

I think....well, there's a cool thing, me thinking much again!!
I have been thinking most of my awake life, but then lately my thinking has been very garbled, fragmented and just plain ADHD, especially this part year!!! Until today, I have felt very out of control of, well, everything. But I can change that. I have gotten back into a better prayer life, I am sure that this better communication my Maker is largely why I have found more clarity and purpose and feeling of control today......even though I realize I am NOT in control at all in the grand scheme!

So today I am multi-tasking while the girls are in music lessons. I am online at the music teacher's house while the girls are in lessons. See, multi-tasking. I am typically great at multi-tasking, but my priorities are off many times. Like, for example, I would rather be in town snatching my favorite bag of chips and a cola instead of using this time to blog, check email, and get my planning done.

So with this time being used more correctly, here is what I came up with! I need to set some goals. In a past life, I gave workshops and motivational speeches and even wrote curriculum for goal-setting in a corporate world. But I truly have fallen off the goal wagon, and I really need to get back onto the wagon for my own sanity and for my family's benefit.

So I will set some goals here in public. Feel free to ask me about these later. I need major accountability partners here!!!

I will start with these ten goals, and I plan to revisit them weekly:

1. I will walk, jog or do a combo of those for three miles around our "block" three times each week.

2. I will read my daily devotional.

3. I will be in bed, lights off, television off, book closed, by 10. I know, a serious stretch for me, but I have done it for several nights and I know it is best and I feel better!!

4. I will allow one soda per day, diet, then cut back next week to three per week....ooooo....could do soda only on day I workout. Now there's accountability!!!

5. I will read a book of my choice...one at a time....to its completion, before putting it down or beginning another.

6. I will smile at Garrett every time I see him!! Sounds weird, but if you know our relationship and the struggles, you know I am not usually smiling during our interactions!!

7. I will remain at peace in dealings with Addie and Ainslee, not letting myself let the rest of my surroundings or frustrations bleed into their lives.

8. I will be a better listener.............

9. I will eat two healthy meals per day. If I snack at all, that's another meal....I KNOW THIS!!!!

10. I will read these goals and monitor success weekly.

WHEW, glad that's over, but in reality, all of those goals will lead to more peace and patience and growth, and I need that. And my family needs that from me!!!!

On a side note, I might, just MIGHT get to go to the National FFA Convention this week in Indianapolis. I had the awesome opportunity to serve as a National FFA Officer in 1995-96 with 5 incredible young men....who are not so young anymore..ha!!! Anyhoo, for the first time in many moons, we are all planning to make it to convention for our 15 year officer team reunion!!! This is still a maybe for me because it depends on if Grouchy gets home from harvesting soybeans in Louisiana in time for me to fly out on Friday. I will sincerely enjoy the "me" time traveling and reading and just being quiet. I will also TOTALLY appreciate seeing my five dear friends and meeting their kiddos!! Between us there are 12 kids, I think, but I will go solo and get to meet most of their kiddos. I think I have only met two of them in person. Wow, I am so excited, and I cannot explain how amazing convention is if you have never been. It's thousands of youth on fire and motivated all around a love for all things agriculture. So in short I pray it works out, but I am so thrilled about our custom harvest business that not making it because of having beans to harvest won't make me fret too much!!!




  1. OH NOOOooooo, NOT the SODA!!! Im sorry but I cant agree to that one...my addiction :(

    AND the lights out by 10, HA!...ok another one of my problems. How about 3am? that might work for me.

    But I love these goals, goals are GOOd and HEALTHY. So why dont I do them, eh... because Im a procrastinator! and nothing would get done, I would also gain 5 pounds! so there!

    OK, seriously though. I love it and envy you. I will be sitting there with my 32 oz coke (NOT diet! and from Mcdonalds because they still have the $1 any size coke!) and your abs will be hard as a rock...oh its not a good picture.

    I will pray that you can keep on task. As a friend just told me, her Drs advice, ONLY EXERCISE ON THE DAYS YOU EAT...he-he, a good one.

    I think of you often my friend even tho Ive been a loser with commenting lately. Weve been so busy with Jacks appts and medical crap, just havent had the time to sit down and get caught up with everyone. I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends, how fun is that?! OH and if you sneak a coke then, dont be so hard on yourself--just think of me with my 32 ouncer!

    Hugs and always prayers for your family,
    Heidi & Jack.

  2. You are funny.

    If I lived closer maybe I could even step up to the coke zero (32 oz!)--with your support of course! I think what I need is a friend that can motivate me and kick my butt if I continue to drink my coke and not exercise. I know I would feel better...and I even hear that it gives you energy (thats what I hear anyways) can you tell its been awhile since I worked out? Im pathetic.

    I know you can do it Clara-Leigh, get those running shoes back on!

    One day I will be happy to put on a swim suit, you know, a real one, not a tankini! Seriously Im not even fat just not toned so it probably isnt an unrealistic goal. Of course I would do it more for the way it might make me feel, Im tired and fatigued most of the day, but what else is new... ok enough about that, wheres my coke, told you its bad.

    I hope Garrett is doing OK. I will continue to pray for your family and whatever else that might be worrying you :( Thanks for checking up on us.

    (just so you know, reading this post has gotten me thinking... I also need to do something... you know, something for myself for a change :) thanks.)

    hugs, hugs, hugs.
    Heidi & Jack

  3. My dad worked on the Slope my whole childhood! There is a beach up there named after me. :)

    Good luck with your goals!