Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Voiding Dysfunction Therapy Session #2

Session two was traumatic way before we arrived. I picked Garrett up from school early, and of course he asked where we were going. I told him we were going to meet up with one of his caregivers and go to therapy. He freaked. Poor guy. Not only did he freak, but he freaked the whole hour of driving. He wasn't screaming the WHOLE time, but he did fuss a lot and asked over and over if he could go to his "old therapy," which was regular physical therapy, not the poop therapy.

We arrived, and he was so anxious and upset. He had to wait for the therapist for a while, and he was screaming that he wanted to go ahead into his appointment and not wait. He just wanted to get it over with, I think.

Once in the room, I had to leave the caregiver with Garrett and the therapist as Garrett's Mito nurse had returned a call to me that was pretty important. When I returned, Garrett was sitting in a chair and the therapist was on the floor and they were practicing potty posture and exercises. And Garrett was going great! Unfortunately, the therapist didn't make Garrett put the stickers back on his bum to work on the computer games because had he, Garrett would have gotten over the fear faster. Oh well, we have exercises of how to sit, breath, push belly big and then push. Maybe doing these exercises will help him before we have our third appointment in a couple weeks.

He was off the rest of the day when we went to an indoor trampoline park and McDonalds. He had exhausted himself during the drive to the appointment and during the appointment. Poor dude!!!

Oh, I forgot to explain the games with the stickers on the bum and the computer. So no, Dad, they do not hook Garrett to electrodes and shock him!!! They place three stickers on his bum and leads connect the stickers (like an EKG) to a computer. The therapist showed Garrett by using the stickers on his own arm. There are many games on the computer where actions of puzzles, cars, wooden people, etc., make different movements or sounds as the patient uses the pelvic floor muscles correctly and the computer reads the correct responses.


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