Sunday, October 14, 2012

Is This What "Regression" Looks Like?

Doctors have always, always asked, "Have you seen Garrett ever experience any REGRESSION?" The only regression I could ever note in the past was writing his name. At the end of his preschool special needs program, year one, he could write his name on an 8.5 x 11 paper. It was quite crooked and shaky looking, but if you knew what the word was planned to be, you could see it! Then that skill went away for a whole year. It is slowly making its way back. But now we think we see regression.

While the poop issue, as shared in the last post, is now more understood, thus we have all re-thought our attitudes and such, the pee issue is different. He went from independently going, finally, beginning last school year, to now sometimes going on his own but usually being forced. Then the newest thing is wet underwear - daily. He had a good, long man-pee outdoors in the back yard tonight, totally on his own, his idea. Within 20 minutes of that, we went to his room to get ready for bed and he said, "Sorry mommy I pee pee in my pants but didn't want to. I DON'T KNOW IT IS COMING OUT!!!!? He is very upset when this happens and apologizes profusely. He is mad about it, and understandably so. Here is something he CAN DO all by himself standing or sitting, but for some reason that, too is being taken away!!! And now I know how his muscles are fighting him for poop, I am wondering what is going on with the urine. Had this been our middle child, Ainslee, I would think it behavioral in nature, and yes, I have considered that with Garrett. But when it happens, he is so disappointed and upset about it. He keeps asking why it keeps happening and why it won't let him know.

My heart aches for this cute dude. The more I see happening, I am slowly realizing the reality that maybe I have still been in denial, like my sweet mom pointed out this summer. I am inherently selfish. Very selfish. And I have brewed over his behaviors and made those closest to me miserable too. Bottom line is that I cannot get tired of any of this situation because Garrett is my son and I am blessed to be his mom. God has trusted nutty me to be his mom.....makes me question God's judgment or His sense of humor!!! This is real. No, we have not seen any regression that made me worry......besides the handwriting.....until now. It is beginning. Regression.

On a very happy note, Garrett weighed-in a whopping 45 pounds this week at the doctor's office!! He has never been that heavy!! I was excited to see he is growing still! Sometimes we wonder! He is such a slim little dude!

Disney World Make A Wish trip is one week away! I cannot believe it is actually going to happen. The past week was rough with Garrett's behaviors and sensory issues increasing, so I hope to hear back from his developmental pediatrician tomorrow to see if we can adjust some meds. I want him to be able to enjoy Disney World as he wants to without the distraction of his own challenges, if that makes sense. It's like there is so much noise in his head that he cannot keep it together sometimes. I got two apps for his iTouch so he can see photos other people have taken at Disney World so he can sort of put things in his mind to look for and anticipate. Hopefully our internet will speed up enough for us to preview some of the rides I think he will love. Some wonderful parents of autistic kiddos have shared lots of helpful info about taking Garrett-like kids to Disney parks, and for the most part, it sounds like as long as I am on Garrett-time, all should be good!!!!

Credits to Shelby McRae once again for the wonderful photo above!!! She popped in for a surprise visit last week and surprised ALL of us!!! THANK YOU SHELBY!! Then we got to see her sister, Ali....what a treat!!!

Many thanks to you for following us and keeping Garrett in your prayers.

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