Monday, September 10, 2012

Silver Lining

Photo by Shelby....we love you, Shelby!!

Yesterday was an "off" day for Garrett. He was off, not his happy self most of the day, louder...than normal....., completely losing his sanity when asked to use the toilet, etc. At bedtime after a crazy haircut experience that I somehow thought was a good idea before his bath, we finished getting ready to get in bed, but as I pulled the covers back on his bed, I was met with a surprise: POOP. Under the sheets, on the blanket, mattress pad.......dried and smeared and nicely rubbed well into the fabrics. He had snuck to his room, taken off a pull-up and changed into his underwear and I guess sat on the bed and then scooted his stinky bum all over the bed, then pulled the sheets back up. Nice. I was in tears, truly was. I have only told him not to take pull-ups or diapers off 200 times, but we have realized it takes over 500 times for instructions like that to sink in. Seriously!! So we have 300 left! I had him sit in the floor of his room while I stripped the bed, using the last hair of sanity and patience and ENERGY I had remaining. But as I changed the bed, he started to sing....and while he sings lots, this was special. He started singing his kids church and Bible school songs, and not just any songs, but ones where he would sing a line and then say "WEPEAT, MOMMY!" And I had to wepeat!! So through poop smell, hours of a long day with a mentally frustrated kiddo and an already nutty me, there I was singing along as my son led worship in the midst of what I was going to let be a negative, frustrated time.

"He is God,
The one true God.
There's no doubt.
I'm gonna shout it out!!"

God is good all the time, right where I am, and the more I listen and slow down my mind, the more He shares Himself with me. I thank God for Garrett. He has more to offer this fallen world than I ever will!!!



  1. He amazes and teaches us all EVERY day! - love you girl and glad he didn't ask Aunt "Bebwa" to clean it up!!