Sunday, September 30, 2012

BEAUTIFUL Surprise!!!

After a beautiful day spent together as a family, we had the most amazing surprise!! Remember Shelby who had worked as Garrett's developmental therapist (and a dear friend of our family's)?? She moved four hours east for her senior year of high school, and we have Skyped her lots and talked to her, but not seen her since. She MADE ME cry when she surprised us by coming by with some donuts (DONUTS, Andrea's donuts......almost a spiritual experience!! A whole post would not be enough to devote to their deliciousness!!)! We had no idea she was in town. She saw Garrett and started to cry. Then I started to cry, and Garrett looked up at all of us and hid behind Addie's legs and tried to figure it out! Then he played and played with Shelby and Addie and Ainslee indoors and outside. It was a beautiful evening. And I took photos, but my memory card isn't letting me use them!! Such a wonderful way to end the weekend. Shelby plans to have lunch with Garrett at school!!! Wow, we love Shelby and miss her so much!!!

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