Sunday, August 26, 2012

Missing My Boy!

Saturday, given Hurricane Isaac doesn't put a severe hurting on New Orleans where we fly from to return to Idaho, the girls and I will go home. We are here in Louisiana for 18 days or so to harvest soybeans for farmers down here. So far it has been raining, raining a lot. It has rained so much that we have not gotten to cut many acres, and that's not so great for business! Plus we have beans we are farming with some other farmers, and those are getting to that touchy point of nearing "going bad." And here comes a tropical storm that is destined to become a hurricane and head right at us. Once again, clear signs of what God DOESN'T want us doing with our lives, but no clear strategy for changing course....yet!!!

This morning we worshipped at one of the two churches we attended while we lived in Louisiana for nine years. It was in a new place, and that is a blog post in itself. Let's just say it is a GORGEOUS mansion that was once the "entertainment home" for some not-so-ethical or G-rated activities. But now it is a house of worship.....AMEN!!!! It is so moving to me to see people singing together, praying together, tapping a toe, swaying to the beat or clapping or raising their hands in corporate worship. God created us to worship, and to see people freely worshipping without fear of ridicule or judgment of how each person chooses to worship.....Heaven must be like that!

So Garrett. My parents are caring for him so well, and Mom has sent lots of pictures via text, and I so appreciate those shots of him. But I miss him. I have missed him before, but something deep in my innermost soul deeply misses my little guy! I won't lie and say that a break from "normal" life hasn't been great! My in-laws have a lovely home, and my mother-in-law is an amazing cook, a very kind soul, and one of my favorite people! I have few big responsibilities, and Grouchy's mom takes perfect care of the girls, shuttling them to and fro to see cousins and some friends. But I am getting the feeling I am suppose to be home with my Garrett, too. I wish I could be in my bed tonight and go body-snatch him so he can sleep next to me. He had just started sleeping with me some when Grouchy is out of town, and it was wonderful. Until recently, he wouldn't sleep with me or at least had a dreadful time actually going to sleep in my room! He wanted to be in his room! I guess I also feel anxious about the future, and as he gets older, I feel I am missing time I need to enjoy with Garrett. What if I look back and realize I didn't maximize our time together. But I cannot go down that road.

I am adding a few photos from harvest time and activities while we are in Louisiana. And please pray for those about to be affected by Isaac. Evacuations are starting, school closings have been happening, and the shelves at stores are looking bare in the water and non-perishable food areas! We finally cut some beans today and into the night until my header lost a belt and moisture crept above 15 percent. We hope we can lots of acres cut tomorrow so we can move to another farm and cut before the outer bands of rain come with the storm. Never a dull moment!!!!



 Soybeans ready to be harvested.

 Grouchy checks beans and waits for the sky to fall!

 One of the many progress-squelching storms moving in.

Addie and Ainslee with two of their "Besties" from our time in Louisiana. These two amazing young ladies moved to Texas when we moved to Idaho. It was dreamy to get the kiddos (and adults!) back together for a night and a couple days of fun poolside at a casino/resort.

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  1. sounds like you have an adventureous life! praying for you as you miss your little man! God bless!