Friday, August 17, 2012

Feelin' A Little Squirrely!

I call my SUV the "Land Yacht," and now here is my combine, the "Mothership"
We are in our second harvest year for our custom harvest business in Louisiana. Yes, we live in Idaho and have business in Louisiana. Maybe that will change someday, but for now we do our best to make ends meet and enjoy it all!

My amazing parents are in our bunkhouse for the second summer in a row to spend time with us and help with the kiddos, mainly Garrett. So Mom and Dad (Nina and Pop as they are called) are back in Idaho with Garrett.

Last Friday morning, a wasp stung Garrett on his right forearm. Grouchy's mom, DiDi was visiting us in Idaho then, and she saw him get stung, but his body never reacted to the sting in any way. Next day, Saturday, I took Garrett with me to the county fairgrounds for Ainslee to feed her show animals and clean their pens, and when Garrett asked a friend of mine to read his MedicAlert bracelet for the umteenmillionth time, I noticed his right arm was huge!!!! And I mean so big that it looked like a really stocky, muscular kid's arm, not my little guy's soft, sweet, tiny arm. It was swollen all around the elbow and not quite down to the wrist, but I didn't know about the sting since it was really no big deal since there wasn't any reaction the previous day when it occurred. So I looked at the arm with a friend of mine at fair who is a nurse. There was some sort of abrasion on the arm, so he must have itched in his sleep and then scratched it. The arm was big, red and hot. I called the nurse and she said to bring him to the after hours clinic since it was Saturday. The PA who saw him said it was likely cellulitis and needed an oral antibiotic. Garrett had a forehead temp of 99.0 which sounds like nothing except his temp is normally 97 point something. So he had a little fever of sorts. The PA wrote that off as a reaction to the cellulitis, but then I reminded her that Garrett VERY RARELY EVER runs ANY fever, even with bulging eardrums! She still thought it wasn't a big concern and was getting ready to prescribe an oral antibiotic when my sweet Garrett said, "But doctor, you didn't do all your stuff!" He told her she forgot to do all of the exam! She told him she had looked at his arm and his eyes and his mouth and listened to his heart, but he said, "No! You haven't looked in my EARS!" I winked at her and she remembered how horrified he was of the ear probing and decided to look just for kicks since Garrett was actually RECOMMENDING something of that nature! And guess what.....he had one infected ear!!! STRANGE! SO she prescribed Omnicef to cover the cellulitis and ear, and we left. Then Monday Addie, Ainslee and I flew to Louisiana for harvest. Meanwhile, on Wednesday my mom calls me to say Garrett isn't looking so great. He has a somewhat swollen eye, the side that has more ptosis or drooping than the other. He also looked like his cheeks are red and is just seeming "off." SO she took his temp under his arm and it was 100.9!! So he was on antibiotic that had started Saturday, and here it is Wednesday and he looks worse except the arm looks great! By then the after hours clinic was closed and his nurse wanted him to go to the ER. ER doctor wasn't very worried and sent them 4 in the morning. Ggggrrrrrrr. Then yesterday he had a followup visit with a pediatrician, but not his usual one. He said he thought it may still be the poison from the wasp bugging him some. He also thought it could be a virus. The doctor did know about Mito and my mom had Garrett's protocol letter from Dr. Saneto, so it was all good. Today he seems fine.

Helpless!! I am here and my little guy is 2000 miles away in the loving, very capable hands of my folks. And my mind wandered and got lost in the horror of the "what ifs and how will it goes." I prayed God would not let things get bad, especially without our being there. I was worried it was some sort of infection so many Mito kiddos get, that lead to rapid cascading effects that are sometimes fatal or close. And then I wandered to the brink of my own last thread of sanity: losing Garrett. And then I backed off and prayed.

This is the most anxious I have felt about Garrett's physical health in a very long time. Perhaps it was because I wasn't there. But my little guy is good now!

Meanwhile, Grouchy and I celebrated 15 years of marriage yesterday by each of us driving a combine into the sunset together last night......romantic! Truly I wouldn't change it!!! We were working together, and we always want to do that, or at least I can speak for myself and say I want to do that!  Addie and Ainslee are chillin' with DiDi most of the time, but tonight are having an evening with some of their best buddies in Louisiana!

Grouchy snores beside me, my parents care for the ranch and the farm (corn and alfalfa crops having to be irrigated...THANK YOU DAD!!!), and my mom is hopefully curled up in my bed with Garrett who is FINALLY wanting to sleep with us some. It is precious time!!

Godspeed to each of you, and I hope to be posting more cool photos and entries after September 1. Maybe I will do it before then!!

Godspeed, and don't take a second for granted!

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