Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sleep Study #2....It Worked!!!

Garrett's new pulm. doctor in Boise thought a sleep study would be a good idea now since Garrett hasn't had one in years, probably had the first one around two years old, maybe younger. I asked if we could have an overnight EEG done at the same time so we could see what might be misfiring at night. On and off Garrett has many wakings at night and will be up roaming, turning on lights, toys, the fireplace...YIKES!!! Then for months he will sleep all night. We were lucky enough that the hospital agreed to do the EEG and sleep study together!!! COOL!
We arrived at the hospital around 7 in the evening last Wednesday. It took two ladies and about 40-something leads glued to his noggin and sides and legs. Garrett was so not liking all of that, but he held out pretty well......until they brought in the canula for him to wear under his nose to measure the carbon dioxide he blows off as he sleeps. The kicker is that now the canula for the sleep study also has a rubber piece that extends below the nose from the plastic tubing and curves under the top lip and into the month to monitor mouth breathing. Seriously, my sensory kid has survived all the glu and tape and now a nose and mouth deal. GGGRRR. Garrett cried lots and begged lots and lots but finally had on all the gear and fell asleep on his bed. Once he was zonked pretty well, I joined the sleep study tech in her office to watch Garrett's vitals and video. Around 1 am, he woke and pulled the canula out of position, so the tech and I went in to help. Garrett was then awake and angry as a hornet!!! About 40 minutes after that, he went to sleep again. Whew! I slept from about 3 to 6 in a room nearby. When the nurse woke me in the morning, Garrett was happy watching television while she removed the wires and all. 
Garrett and I then went on a Krispy Kreme donut break and it was back to work, or school, for him. 
We should be getting EEG and sleep info back in mid June. 
The photos below are from the morning when the leads were being removed. Garrett was really a pretty good trooper!!

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  1. Abigail has a couple 24hour EEGs in her lifetime, not a fan. She has never had a sleep study, but I've wondered if it would be beneficial. I'm glad Garrett got through it ok! Praying you get good results from it! God bless!