Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Baby!!! (cow)

It's another girl!!!
 The vet and I PULL!!!

 Baby out!!

Beth meets Cookie.

 Proud rancher Ainslee.

 Ainslee with Vivian, the first calf....from Saturday.

 Garrett hanging around to watch.

 Another photo of Saturday's calf Vivian.

Ainslee and I doctoring Cookie's belly button. 

And Garrett watched most of the birth unfold and decided her name should be COOKIE! And surprisingly, Ainslee, mom of the whole operation, agreed!!
Here are a few pictures. Oh, and this baby wasn't so cooperative! After feeling around some, I thought she was trying to come out head first with feet behind...very bad....but she was actually hind feet first. SO much for my blind anatomy in the womb. I better get better at that! We are thrilled it is another baby girl!! So no one goes to market this year. They all stay here to go on to be moms. What joy!!!! Ainslee is on cloud 9 as all four of the cows we now have are hers. She will show pairs at the fair this summer: each mom and baby together.
Garrett actually pet the first heifer, Vivian, today. He shows very little interest in animals, so it was neat that he wanted to watch some.


  1. What a great name!! Thanks for sharing these cool!

  2. Thank you for your sweet, encouraging comment!
    Wow, how have I not found your blog sooner?! :O)
    It's always been my dream to live in Idaho, especially with the great homeschool laws! And having land, animals, and the country life is a part of my dreams!
    Not to mention, we both have kids with mito, are Christians, and homeschool... again, how did I not find your blog sooner!?
    Loved the pics... prayers going up for your family and especially Garrett!