Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pencil In God's Hand......No, A WHOLE STAPLES STORE!!!!

"I am a pencil in the hand of a writing God, sending a love letter to the world."
-Mother Teresa

Life has changed for me, no doubt. I am a different person, and it is largely because of our little Garrett. Today I found the above quote while we were doing the girls' homeschool lessons. We are reading a wonderful biography of Mother Teresa, and it is so good that the girls are reading it to each other during the day instead of waiting for me to read it aloud! That's saying a lot!!! We decided to make a wall of our upstairs school/office/Wii/play room a quote wall, using printed quotes from people we read about. And it was during the quote search for Mother Teresa that I found the above quote. 

Many, many times people have told me what a blessing Garrett it when they spend time with him. I have even had folks stop me in stores (when he is on his good behavior), and tell me how there is something especially beautiful about him. I have had caregivers share how he has deepened their love and faith, and I have seen Aunt Becca go from passing out at the SIGHT of a poop blowout diaper to merely gagging convulsively when she CHANGES them!! Truly, seriously, Garrett spews the simplistic, essential truth that God created each of us, and we have an individual purpose and strength(s). 

I love the idea that we are God's pencil, here to share his love letter. And in Garrett, I see that to the most purity. This little dude may or may not even ever understand God's existence or Jesus' sacrifice, but God resides in his tiny soul and God's love letter pours from this kid!! This one little child. 
He is always telling people he loves them, and he expects to hear it in return.....sound familiar? 
He is overwhelmed by too much noise and chatter and chaos......sound familiar? 
He looks to each other child as a "friend," never questioning their gender or motives......sound familiar?
He is happy each morning to see what happens next in the world.....sound familiar?
He cries when things are not simple enough.....sound familiar?
He gets very sad and upset when people do not tell them they love him......sound familiar?
He gets very concerned when anyone is upset or sad.....sound familiar?

He loves like God and shows me where I lack that same unconditional, timeless, genuine emotion in each facet of my life. He makes me dig more deeply for  understanding of HIS world, not just mine. He has forced me to reorganize my priorities and reconsider my allegiances. It's all good, and to think a little boy less than seven years old has taught me so much. 

But wait, it was really Garrett not just using a pencil, but using all the pencils Staples Office Supply has in their warehouses!!!!!!! He is larger than life in his sharing of God's love every day!

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