Saturday, March 24, 2012

MIA For a While!


Wow, women's retreat was a blast and we have just been plain busy!!!! I have been on evil Pinterest, and have spent too much time there and have not been very faithful here! I am back.
I have been so overwhelmed with the kindness of the ladies who attended the Deer Flat Women's Retreat!!! I honestly cannot wait a whole year to spend time with those amazing ladies for another couple of days!

Garrett's spring break began Thursday and continues through all of next week. The girls each have two days of 4-5 hour 4-H day camps next week with themes such as mosaic art, detective work and sewing. They are excited!

The weather here is perfectly perfect! Highs in the low 60s and everything is popping up green, including the weeds! Today was a great day for the girls as they each had a friend over or with them for the entire day!! Well, except sweet Addie who waited in the truck for me while I plowed a field for a couple of hours. She said she could be proficient at dialing 911 or driving my Yukon somewhere for help should I somehow get in a jam! I didn't, but I did have fun on Grouchy's tractor complete with A/C and a good radio! There is just something about working the land. Now don't tell my house plants this as I kill them quickly!! So Addie started her play date around noon instead. Thanks Addie!!

Garrett has started a new thing, and it is so exciting. Thanks to RaeAnn, his personal care worker, he is now going to do #1 on the potty with no prompting!! There are vast quantities of M &M's being handed out after the fact, but he is going on his own!!!!!! He still is pooping in a diaper or his unders, but that will just take longer, I guess. He has not had any trouble adjusting to the pretty high doses of Vitamins E and D that Dr. S in Seattle started on him a few weeks ago, so I am thankful. Garrett is enjoying pirating the remote controls and surfing the television while I am outside. Boy will that have to change with Grouchy gets home!!!

Well that's a pretty quick rundown of the goings-on here. Oh, we are getting more inquiries about people staying in our bunkhouse bed and breakfast, so that's really neat. And We are on the last several weeks of our homeschool year, so that's a huge deal too!! Last, we are on the almost 2 month countdown to my parents moving into the bunkhouse for the summer, and we are all getting pretty excited about that!! Lots of plans and lots of fun times ahead!!!

Please keep our Mito friends who are impatient in your prayers tonight. This disease is so cruel, and these kiddos are so helpless and innocent.



  1. Dad can't wait to get back to ranching. Me, either. Maybe the Grands can teach me how to sew? But horseback riding is more fun! Another great pic of Garrett. The Peanut Grin will always be my favorite! Bunches of luv, Nina

  2. That is one handsome little dude you've got there!

    Hooray for #1 progress! Half the battle! KayTar is 7 and we still deal with #2 has gotten better with her formula change recently, but I feel your pain! Hang in there.