Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Home Again!

We made it home safely just after lunch today. Garrett was a champ right up until the 55 minute ride home from the airport. I really do not know why! I have so much to write tonight, so many thoughts to let flow, but I just put Garrett to bed and Grouchy is out with the girls for AWANA and dance for them and a workout at the YMCA for him. It is peaceful, quiet, and strangely lonely, but not for much longer because I have to get hopping finalizing a few session I have the honor of presenting at our church's women's retreat his weekend. Time to focus! I will drop a few teasers here on some great stories and funnies that happened during my trip to Seattle with Garrett. Here are just a few possible future blog titles that resulted: "How old are you?" Garrett asked everyone on the plane. After getting a pair of Alaska Airlines wings he exclaims to the whole plane from the front of the cabin, "I'm gonna drive this plane!" Holding out his new play cell phone to a really cute college gal in the KAVU store,"Can I have your phone number?" And yes, Grouchy, she gave it to him!! To the attractive lady sitting right behind him on the flight home he asks,"Do you love me?" How to make three gorgeous college gals do the chicken dance in Enterprise rental car office in front of 20 other Garrett What to do when you think you overhear nurse outside recovery room say to another nurse that your child has a brain wasn't my child thank goodness, but I aged about 98 years in 5 minutes! The experience of watching Garrett put to sleep in my arms and the emotions that followed laying his precious body gently on the cold MRI table, pulling the curtain and walking away. Punched me in the gut when I least expected. The overall kindness of folks in the pacific traveling experiences of ALL TIME!!! And finally, debrief on how to keep the streaking monkey from eating bananas out of the hotel garbage can when he is under STRICT NPO ORDERS! Love and prayers to my special Mito mom friends Debbie and Heidi who so graciously spending most of other day with us at the hospital helping me with Garrett!! You ladies are amazing!! Looking forward to sharing some of my fun Garrett adventures like how we ride the elevator in our house each night after we brush our teeth and why we cannot go back to McDonalds and give the toy back because we didn't ask for the toy....... Godspeed, Clara-Leigh


  1. crack me up...and Garrett? Omgosh....what a ham! He is mr. Social cutie pie! He is a crack up too! Love it...can't wait to dive deeper into your adventures!

    Loved meeting you and Garrett...what could have been a cruddy day for Hudson and I was turned super cool because we got to meet in person!

    Maybe next time your up, we can actually venture out of the walls of the hospital! :)
    Glad your home safe and sound....sending our love from WA, and tell Garrett Hudson is "talking" lots tonight and he is fine. (he would ask me with concern if H was o.k. and what he was trying to say)

  2. I cant wait to hear the rest of those stories....glad you made it back safe and sound.