Wednesday, January 8, 2014

No Dogs On the Sofa

We weren't going to be one of "those" families. Okay, maybe I was borderline, but Grouchy would NEVER allow our home to be one where mutts and kitties were on the sofa!! But then this happened: Sammy. This precious soul is not only the sweetest dog, kindest companion, and best buddy to Garrett, but lately, she has started showing some protective instincts by alerting us when someone is at the door. I love that about her!! But in this photo, she looks so regal, so intentional, so "at work" guarding our precious boy who plays in the background, not knowing that she has his back, no matter what or whom!!

God made these animals extra special, I know. They show us not only God's fun, creative side, but also His loyalty, forgiveness, and desire to just BE WITH US.

And yes, that photo above shows the spot Sammy reports to on the sofa when Garrett is anywhere in front of the sofa (or when we are not home ;) )


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