Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY 2014!

 After a year ending with two surgeries and lots of love and healing, weight loss, appetite diminishing, and shaky new ground, I am thrilled to show you my big boy at the Christmas Eve candlelight service at our home church, Deer Flat. I know that he knows the Lord and does not fear God or the future. I can ask for nothing more!!!

 So here are a few of my favorite folks: Ainslee-11, Garrett-8, Addie-13
 And this photo is a more fair representation of each of them!!

 My girls are our rocks. They have love, joy and peace....PEACE!

 I am honored to be this cool kid's mom!! It's tough defending a superhero, but I wouldn't trade him for anything!!

 And here is my brave boy after his g-tube was placed 11 days ago. He was so brave!!
The tube feeds are going great with bolus feeds working, so no need for the pump. His stoma looks wonderful, and we see the surgeon tomorrow for a two-week follow-up. In about a month, he will go back into the hospital for general anesthesia to change the tube to a button and have another esophageal biopsy done to see if the antacid have reduced the eosinophils in his esophagus as of his tube placement. If so, we will continue the Prilosec, but if not, will change drug to treat eosinophilic esophagitis. It's something treatable either way, but something new-ish, and new issues means new change, and this isn't good change. But he is a cute, brave trooper!

And I end with this image that started this entry. I hope the peace, love, joy and hope of Jesus Christ resides in your heart and in your home. Without that love, none of this would make any sense. And as I age and mature each year, I sense God's purpose and presence in our home more and more. Here's to a year of rightly-aligned priorities, Christ-focused parenting, lots of love and patience, and excitement about life's next adventures!!!


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