Thursday, March 28, 2013

Blessings Abound with Garrett

This is a post I never imagined getting to write. When I look back at past posts, the S.O.S. type where I poured my soul across the keyboard hoping for some peace in getting it off my chest, I realize even more what a miraculous, prayer-answered this post is!! Well, not actually the post itself, but the events that allow me to post about this!!!!!

Garrett has rounded a corner in his emotional life!! A HUGE CORNER!!!!!! I cannot believe I have waited until tonight to finally share this great news, but we have had very dear friends visiting from back in the Southeast, and well, Garrett has been doing so well that I didn't want to break away from this new awesomeness to post!

So what's up? Why the big fuss? Well, it seems Garrett has gotten even more marbles rolling in an intentional, logical direction in the past month. It's like he has settled down and started thinking about how he SHOULD act and react and working REALLY hard to choose the right path. He is also noticing more about the world around him like trees, birds in the trees, animal sounds outside, etc. He has started interacting with life outside his little bubble. He has also begun asking if we need help with things sometimes.......WHAT!?!?!?!? No joke, it is almost like he just grew up another year in the past month! One of the most fun results of this change is that he almost always understands when someone is kidding versus being serious about something. You may laugh, but we have had to work hard to train him on what "kidding" is! And he finally seems to get it and almost always read people's "kidding faces" to learn how to react. I have to give Grouchy tons of credit here as he never gave up on helping our little man understand how to kid and have fun joking around.

Garrett was in bed tonight conning me into reading more than I wanted of yet another Dr. Seuss book. He tends to get one on his mind for a week or so, but he pushed the envelope tonight and read a new one. Reading, wow!! He is ASKING us to read books to him. He will work hard to get his favorites together, and he will sit and listen pretty well. His teacher and staff at school have worked so hard on this simple skill, and the dividends are arriving!

After we read the books tonight, he put his little head on his pillow and said. "Mom, will you snuggle with me?" And he let me put my arms around him while he fell asleep. Just last week, he allowed me to be "there" but not touching him much except on his very specific terms. He would place my hand on his back or belly and even show me how hard and exactly where he wanted me to "pet" his back or tummy. But tonight it was bliss. I wrapped arms around my boy, my smart, sweet, huge-hearted boy, and he, for the first time since he was a wee baby, fell asleep in my demands, no specifics, just simply blissful.

Grouchy and I spent some time on the porch in a couple of rocking chairs talking about how much we love Garrett and how much he is improving. We are in awe of the progress he continues to make, the smiles and happiness he brings us, and all of the lessons we have learned through our boy. It was just perfect to end the day talking the positives about this kiddo whose challenges and mental issues have been so huge. I cannot believe we got to end the day smiling and chatting all good stuff about Garrett. I will likely not sleep tonight, but lie in bed praising God for these miracles all night long.



  1. Just the post I needed to read after recieving Ryans dismal IEP evaluation yesterday, which knocked my emotional strength for 6. I needed to read there is hope for our kids, miracles can still happen, God is watching, and all things in good time.

  2. This is so wonderful, Clara-Leigh! I'm praising God with you here on the west side of the Cascades. Don't you just love it when family and friends get to see the good things, too? Then the image they take home with them is a joyful one. What a gift for ALL of you. Garrett must be feeling pretty marvelous about all this, too.

    I have a local question for you which I'd rather send off-list...if you have time and are willing, would you mind popping me your email address? If that's too much, I understand, but it you are willing, that would be awesome! don (underscore) gal (underscore) 3 (at) msn (dot) com, or through my blog if this doesn't make sense. Thanks a million.