Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blessed Easter, Everyone!

I wish you a wonderful Easter Sunday.
This Easter, I am especially thankful for the blood Jesus shed for us all, whether we decide to accept Him or not. If you have  not accepted Christ as your lord and savior, I urge you to read the Biblical accounts of Christ's life and death, and how our Lord and Savior most of all wants all of us to follow Him and live eternally. Then consider: Wouldn't a love like that at least deserve my belief and earthly love?

I am also, more than ever, thankful for the man God placed in my life as my husband and our home's Christian leader. I could never had dreamed of a better man and father to our children!

Looking back, my parents are the people who most strongly impacted my faith walk as they raised me in a Christian church, encouraged me to be involved with Christian friends and activities, and supported me in spending some of each summer at a YMCA camp where every day we worshipped and sang songs of praise and worked to live as followers of Jesus Christ. I also had grandparents who encouraged my Christian journey and were role models.

And this past several months, more than ever, I can clearly see the miracles God is working in our family through our attitudes, trials, challenges and now more and more, through the healing and hope we see through our children.

This Easter I wish most of all for every knee to bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. The price has been paid through Jesus' death and then the glory of His resurrection is a free gift meant for every man....should he choose it.

It really is that simple. Child-like faith is what is asked. Just believe. We can all do it!!!


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