Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My First Polar Plunge! Burrrrrrr!

Today I embarked on a new adventure! A polar plunge to benefit Make-A-Wish Idaho. Garrett's wish of meeting Mickey Mouse and riding a train at Disney World became a reality this fall, and ever since we learned his wish was to be granted, Grouchy and I have wanted to try to repay our trip plus pay it forward for others. Well, today was the first fundraising event where we have raised money. Up to $500 just soliciting donations today!! We are so excited and thankful!!! We have taken Garrett to a fundraiser as a Wish Kid, but we were not the entity raising the money. I was not sure, with the recent very cold temperatures and snowfall, that I would feel comfortable driving up to the Plunge site, but as of last night, it was a GO!!! I had a few friends who expressed an interest in plunging with me, but their schedules didn't cooperate, so I called one very dear friend who I figured would not plunge but would hold my towel and take photos. My sweet Tass said yes, so we took off this morning to Lucky Peak Reservoir. It was snowing on our way, and temps were around the low teens. We arrived and were surprised how many other idiots were up for the challenge!! Case in point.....I am pictured below with some new friends:

This is a shot taken from the ladies' changing tent. Yes, there was a large, heated tent for us to use for getting undressed and dressed!

And here is my dear buddy Tass who later today, while shopping, bought a magnet for me that says: Friends don't let friends do stupid things....ALONE! How fitting!!!! She stood there and froze while watching the madness. It wasn't until the drive home she told me she helped several men get their shoes on as their hands were frozen stiff!!! She's amazing like that!!

I took a photo of Garrett to share with the Wish staff and to anyone who wanted to see an actual, real kiddo they were helping. I asked these first-time plungers why they were doing it. They said they thought it was a wonderful cause and a fun event, so they had raised money. So I asked them to have a photo made with my Garrett, and they did. Aren't these three girls beautiful!!

Today was fun! Everyone there was happy. The resounding farewell I heard was, "See you next year!" Many people only see each other there annually, and make it a point to high-five! There were a few people water skiing and wake-boarding. All ages were represented, and the event has a history of raising about $50,000 during this event. I find that impressive, and what a great way to kick off the new year!

If you would like to make a donation in Garrett's name, send a comment here, and I will send my address to you. Checks should be made payable to Make-A-Wish.

If anyone wants to join me next year, I would love to have a team!! It is truly an adventure, and no, it isn't THAT COLD......YES IT IS!! I went up to my chin, but next year I vow to go all the way......with a few friends for peer pressure!!!!!

THANK YOU AGAIN, Make-A-Wish Idaho!!!


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  1. That's awesome! What an adventure...one that I'm not sure I'd be able to endure! Good work!