Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DRY BED After Night One of The Great Experiment!!!

Dry bed after night #1 with youth diapers and washable under pad on Garrett's bed. Better yet, the pad wasn't wet, and that diaper was AWESOME!!! It held the urine with its larger area of absorbency!!!!
This is the end of the report!

One Happy Mom,



    We have the same problem over here too. I usually double bag his bed: waterproof mattress pad, sheet, waterproof mattress pad, sheet so I can strip one off in the night easily. My son is still little (2.5) but we use size 6 nighttime diapers from pampers. Sometimes add an additional layer of cloth diaper over (think absorbent training pant underwear) and that seems to help. Good luck and keep us posted!! Thrilled for you!!

  2. Nikki, try the men's incontinent pads placed inside the diaper. They are less than 3 bucks for 14 of them at Wal Mart. i promise it will help and cut down on middle of the night sheet changes. I use the same diaper and pad combo on my three yr old that gets fluids all night and it helps a lot!