Saturday, June 2, 2012

Words Cannot Describe

This weekend I was able to slip away with my Ainslee for two nights camping near Murphy, Idaho, to a ranch where the Working Ranch Horse group we belong to had its annual Longhorn cattle drive. We herded cattle all over the ranch and then through the small town of Murphy to reinact the 1890s cattle drives that occurred there then. Ainslee rode Ernie, and I rode my grey gelding. Words cannot describe what beauty, healing, and peace I found in these two nights and three days with amazing friends and horses, desert sunrises and sunsets and lightening storms, and God's majesty and wonder at work in our days!!! It was unreal!! My parents are here for the summer, so they cared for Garrett and all our ranch critters. Here is a photo that sums it up, and more will follow.....
Ainslee Enjoying Sunset on Ernie, June 1, 2012


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