Tuesday, November 29, 2011


You have all heard those ads where each item is given a price until the last item or experience which is always....PRICELESS?
Well, here is my version for today, Garrett style:

Flatscreen television shattered from being banged on....$1,200
Portable DVD player smashed from being thrown and hit...$200
Holes in house walls from slamming doors backward
Broken doors from above issue....$350
Replacement console for my car from being kicked and breaking radio and climate control buttons...$500
Mito cocktail supplements not covered by insurance....$250 per month
Respite care and babysitting since he turned 4...$THOUSANDS
Diapers for him for past 6 years and 3 months......$I cannot count that high
Finding him in his undies, eating Raisin Bran while standing in the kitchen drawer.......PRICELESS!!!

Usually, the things that we think are right are not so right and the things we think are wrong might not always be so wrong. So I will try to look at the huge amount that is IN my glass, not the bit that is OUT!!!
May the anticipation and excitement of the Christmas season and the birth of the Christ Child fill you with positive thoughts and ways to look for the priceless things today!!!



  1. This is my favorite blog post....EVER!!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Dang! No Double Dang! Need to send you some of my Pina Colada Ooey goeey cake with toasted coconut on top to scoop out with some vanilla ice cream and lots of goodness on the side. Not sure how I would ship it though. Love to you all. I may finally be able to get my house painted and make a buck or 2. Wish me luck!!!!

  3. Your stories always bring me back to what really is important. Like I've always said Pokey...God gave Garrett to you because of the amazing mom your are! Thanks for always being an inspiration!

  4. Pop sure does miss his Raison Bran with JG in the Bunkhouse