Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Not 100% well, but 100% precious!!!!
Garrett is amazing.
I have been knocked of my feet by Garrett's recent progress!!!
You have probably read the blogs about Garrett's negative words being miraculously changed to "I love you." I have shared some of his increased patience in some situations, but really, he just keeps pleasantly surprising me each day!!! Today we had a neurology appointment and a pediatrician appointment. His neuro appointment was uneventful. We will follow-up with that doctor in a year. We scheduled a last minute pediatrician appointment since Garrett started with the green snot today. Seems he just has a virus. He certainly isn't 100%, but he is overall happy. He is just a little down. And as he told his Aunt Jennifer tonight, "I have lots of boogers in my nose!"
Tonight I was able to sit him on the bathroom counter and use the electric clippers to cut his hair AND clip his toenails, and he was fine....completely fine!!! In fact, he talked to me, asked questions, and told me it just didn't bother him anymore....WHAT!?!?!?!?!? YES!!!!!!!! It is like a cloud has been lifted in his little world and things are just looking up! He is more patient, more talkative in a logical way. He is more kind and considerate and tells everyone "I LOVE YOU!!!!" And I mean EVERYONE!!! It has been quite and exercise in psychology to see people's responses and reactions to him telling him he loves them. The pediatrician he saw today was a man, and very kind. The first time Garrett told him he loved him, the doctor just said, "Why thank you!" And then just at the end of our appointment, Garrett told him again, and the doctor's whole demeanor changed as if time stopped, and he said, "Well, Garrett, I love you too." It was such a neat moment. So real and sincere. Garrett told the lady in McDonalds at the drive-thru window he loved her. He told our veterinarian " I love you" in the grocery store last week. He tells us he loves us all day long!!! He will just say it anytime, when least expected! It is just the most wonderful thing to happen in my life lately.
And so I reflect because that is a large reason for my reflect and share and hopefully provoke some thoughts and ideas in your life as well. So why am I here? Why is Garrett here? And why does any of it matter????? I have shared my selfish heart many times here, and I believe God is at work on my selfish nature daily, especially through Garrett's life. I am honored and blessed with a marriage to my best friend and three angels of kids. I also still have both of my AMAZING parents living as well as Oscar's beautiful family in Louisiana. But Garrett......I have battled with this little soul of his and its purpose so many times. I couldn't get over why he had to be so miserable so much of the time between his tummy and his temper and sensory issues, delays, screaming and frustrations. I mean, why put anyone through that? Okay, God, you have some explaining to do. That was my mantra for many, many months. People outside our household, including well-meaning family and close friends would comment on how Garrett is such a witness of God's love and creation. And these were the same people who kept saying, "He looks so normal! How can anything be wrong with him??" And as you may have read here, those comments shook my soul and made me angry most of the time. They didn't live in our little home and "do this" day in and day out. But for me, this is my ministry, my mission experience in Calcutta, the Congo, etc. All of the things I thought I might be doing but am not, that's what this is!!!! Garrett is a huge blessing, and these recent changes in his language and temperment have helped me see the purpose of our souls more clearly. Garrett's sisters are also doing better with him and are so much more willing to entertain and play with him since he has sort of turned around. Yes, I know that this may be a phase, but I plan to enjoy every minute of it, just like I did when they were only minutes old....savor it and never forget it!!!

Meanwhile, the rest of life keeps going!! I know, sad, isn't it? But that means new opportunities!! Please pray for us tomorrow. We have a meeting in the morning that may lead to some great things in our life as a family. It may offer some sanity and relief for us in our family life and home life. Sorry to be so vague, but it's just not time to be too open just yet. But I can assure you that if things go as they appear to be going, you will be seeing a post soon about claiming God's blessings and knowing I need to spend more time on my knees in thanks and in pleas for more understanding and direction in life. You know how sometimes things are just sooooo clear????? Just a quick prayer, please!!!

Love and hugs to everyone, and please remember our mito friends inpatient tonight.


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  1. Oh, it makes me so happy to hear how well Garrett is doing! :)