Monday, April 8, 2013

My Boy Further Amazes Me!!

I have to post a quick report on a wonderful evening we had Saturday with very dear friends. We arrived at their home around 4 and stayed for a hotdog cookout, wonderful homemade salsa with chips and enough fixins and snacks to sink a ship!!!

But even though the company was FABULOUS, the food was DELICIOUS, and the evening was WONDERFULLY FUN, that's not what stands out.....well, it does, but one other thing beats it! Garrett was with us the whole time, and he was such a great boy!!! As recently as six months ago, this long of an evening or time out in one location would have flopped. Actually, about two and a half to three years ago, we completely gave up taking Garrett with us on those sort of outings. We would always get a sitter or just not go. More often, we wouldn't go. Friends (not all, but many) in a former town, just plain stopped inviting us to things since they knew we typically wouldn't come. We began to feel a little isolated and left out, honestly. No, this wasn't our very closest friends, but it was those fringe friends and large groups of friends and acquaintances. We did have SUPER love and support from our church, family and friends back then, so don't anyone take this wrong!!! But it was a feeling we had never felt as a couple. Isolated was the last advective you would have used when describing us!! I tell you this to paint the picture of how amazed and THRILLED we were to be leaving a family's home near eleven at night with a HAPPY BOY who between friends, iPad, my phone and his sisters, was completely calm, happy and entertained.

I am still beaming!! I have so much more greatness of Garrett's to share, but I need to get some sleep. I hope to share more and more of the GOODNESS going on with our little hero. My deepest desire is to help you see very clearly how God is at work and how YOUR PRAYERS are yielding huge progress and change in our son and our family. I love each of you and cannot thank you enough!!



  1. we are mostly isolated at this point because of Abigail and how hard it is to go anywhere with her. :( It's hard, but thankfully still have family that we CAN go to for help or even to visit, since they are more understanding of our situation! Glad that you were able to have a wonderful/typical day with friends!!

  2. SO happy you were able to enjoy a "normal" night out!! Something most everyone takes for granted, unless they have a child with special needs! It seems like Garrett is on a roll lately!! I am overjoyed for you him, and the entire family. It has to feel so amazing!! Hope to read more blogs of his great progress! (And what a cute pic!!)