Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Having Garrett = Saving Money and Freebies!

I will post later about Garrett's visit with Dr. Saneto at Seattle Children's Hospital yesterday, but tonight I am wanting to get some good sleep but share a really funny thing that happened today.

We arrived at the Seattle airport very early for our return flight. Mom, Garrett and I scouted the lunch options. She found a place with Halibut and chips and Garrett and I opted for a Japanese place with Chinese food. That in itself cracked me up, but it got better. The young Asian lady who was serving up the food Chinese Subway style offered us a sample, so I asked for the orange chicken. Any fried chicken is yummy, but then roll it in a sweet glaze and BAM, I am there. Garrett even liked his little sample, so we ordered a single serving of white rice with orange chicken and drinks. Total was six dollars and some change. It was plenty for us to share. When a young Asian man was getting our total and bagging the food, Garrett said, "Mister, you handsome!" To which the young Asian man replies, "That very nice. I give you ten percent off!" And then he gave me a new, lower total!! Garrett didn't understand, but I was thanking the man as Garrett then aims his charm weapon at the young Asian lady and says, "Hey lady, you pwiddy (pretty)!" To which she replies, "You so cute and nice, I give you free egg roll!!!" And she hands us free food!!

There ya have it! If you need any deep shopping discounts this holiday season, you can borrow Garrett!!! Just please return him tired, fed, and clean!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

And I will try hard to stay up late enough to try to share later about the Mito appointment we had yesterday!!!


  1. LOVE that boy! I didn't think those places EVER gave free food, but Garrett proves me wrong - again!